AdTrack Response Tracking

Marketing and Sales Tracking Made Easy!

With the cost of advertising continually on the rise, knowing where to spend your dollars can be difficult, and mistakes can literally cost you millions. Our new AdTrack marketing and sales tracking tools can help! AdTrack takes the guesswork out of marketing and advertising. We use unique phone numbers to capture and track every “Prospect” your ads generate, so you can easily tell just how well your Advertising Campaigns and Front-Line Staff are performing.

  • Dedicated Numbers – We provide you with special toll free numbers to appear in all of your ads
  • Track Effectiveness – Learn which campaigns, media and ads receive the most calls or clicks
  • Access real-time call tracking reports online – Analyze 12+ phone call analytics reports that you can access online, download into Excel, send via email, or integrate with your software via API. Data includes call count, call time, caller ID, caller name, routing information and more.
  • Custom Call Routing with a Virtual Phone System – Your SEC call tracking software includes a complete Virtual Phone System, enabling you to customize the routing of each phone call by percentage, geography, schedule or the caller’s response to automated phone numbers (e.g. for sales press “1”).
  • Call Recording & Lead Qualification – Record phone calls to monitor the call quality of the sales leads you generate. You can also use IVR technology to ask the caller a series of questions before routing each call.
  • Whisper Messages To Announce The Caller– Before you accept the inbound call, listen to a ‘whisper message’ telling you who is calling or where they heard about you.
  • Google Analytics Call Tracking Integration – Track phone calls alongside web data in Google Analytics.


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