Customer Feedback Surveys

Surveys offer the advantage of specific insights into consumer opinions, preferences, shopping habits, and loyalty. Surveys with appropriate samples are quantitative and predictable to larger populations. Surveys can also provide in-depth competitive strength and weakness comparisons. This analysis helps companies focus their marketing strategy in order to create a more profitable position. Finally, surveys allow you to learn what the real consumers “out there” are thinking and feeling. When the information gathered is used correctly, surveys can help marketers provide better goods and services.

Measure Customer Experiences

Capture the Voice of the Customer accurately. Whether your customers contact you through your Web site, contact center, in-store, or through your Customer Service team, SEC can design Web, IVR, SMS, telephone, paper or face-to-face surveys to understand the experience they had.

Collect Accurate Data

Automatically send surveys to customers immediately after they’ve contacted you. This increases data accuracy as the interaction is still fresh in the customer’s mind, and because it’s specific to one interaction. This means you can ask fewer questions, but still get real insight into how your customers feel about you.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Regularly asking for feedback shows you care about your customers. More importantly, taking action when they’re not happy builds loyalty and drives positive word of mouth. SEC surveys route customers according to their previous answers, so you don’t risk annoying an already unhappy customer further, but can ask additional questions of your most satisfied customers.

Enhance Loyalty

Dissatisfied customers can become more loyal than satisfied ones if you treat them right. SEC Alerts help you to react quickly to feedback that customers don’t really believe you’ll read. When you go the extra mile to ensure you resolve problems, customers become more loyal because you’ve demonstrated that you really care.

Deliver Insight Across Your Organization

SEC’s custom reporting helps clarify feedback to understand what really drives satisfaction. We make it easy to share that insight with key stakeholders throughout your organization. Online reporting dashboards show live data and allow users to drill-down to find exactly the information they need.

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