The Few Lesser Known Tips about Optimizing the Customer Experience

You might have heard the standard tips and tricks about customer experience before, but there are just a few little tidbits that most people tend to leave out. These lesser known tips are actually what can make your average customer a long lasting and loyal customer. Know when to bend the rules Of course, this […]

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Touchpoint Measurement 101 Part I: Everyone’s Talking About It. Why’s It So Important?

Editor’s Note: For our “Touchpoint Measurement 101” series, we’ve tapped the knowledge of several customer experience experts, including Arcadio Roselli, CEO of Service Evaluation Concepts. Mr. Roselli’s company specializes in gathering and analyzing front-line business intelligence. His unique, technology-infused services (which include mystery shopping, call tracking, ad tracking, focus groups, and more) give companies the […]

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Return on Intelligence – The Most Powerful Business Metric

Return on Intelligence changes the landscape for any business. Here’s why. It’s a common discussion in companies: What should we use to measure success? From business owners to the C-Suite to management and front-line professionals, businesses everywhere are looking for newer, better, more powerful ways to establish and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). At the […]

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