Compliance Intelligence: Helping health care insurers maneuver legal landscape, project positive brand image

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has opened a vast marketplace for today’s health care insurers as millions of Americans shop for coverage in compliance with the new health care reform law. Yet at the same time, this business boon brings to the forefront an array of highly complex and challenging compliance issues. Agent […]

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Increase Sales with Retail Point of Sale Optimization

Everyone has seen candy bars and magazines at the checkouts in the grocery store, but retailers in many other niches often miss out on the power of retail point of sale optimization and all of the upsells that can go with it. Many stores also underestimate how important the overall checkout experience is to customer […]

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Using Customer Exit Interviews for Customer Experience Optimization

If you are serious about customer experience optimization, you need to hear from the people who leave your retail store without making a purchase. After all, for most businesses, that represents the majority of your traffic. Consider the advantages of conducting customer exit or intercept interviews and how to get the most out of them. […]

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