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How to Optimize Customer Service

Creating an exciting customer experience is essential for any thriving business. Even though many do not agree with the saying, ‘the customer is always right,’ few can deny the importance of customer satisfaction. If you want to build a business that lasts, you need customers that will keep coming back. Here is what you need […]

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Customer Retention Depends on Customer Experience

Which is more important, customer loyalty or customer acquisition? Both are important to the success of your business. But when you hear that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, what’s the smartest use of your resources? Why do customers leave? Many businesses think that price […]

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Undercover Students in Colleges and Universities

When universities work to attract students, they are doing more than just selling an education; they’re selling a lifetime experience. From initial information packets sent to prospective students still in high school, to student life literature sent during their undergraduate years, to post-graduation and alumni relations, each touch point should have a corresponding look and […]

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