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This a monitoring process where brands | companies | businesses design and then monitor an experience intended for specific customers.

The Secrets to Retail Experience Optimization: How to Ensure a Happy Customer

What do Amazon, USAA and Trader Joe’s have in common? They all made it to the list of the top 10 companies, according to, that make their customers very happy. How? By discovering the secrets to Retail Experience Optimization, and providing their customers with the very best customer experience. The three basic rules of […]

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Retail Point of Sale Optimization for the Holiday Season

Optimizing point of sale inventory, pricing, and timing for demand is tricky. Too often, business owners decide by intelligent guessing. After years of experience, sometimes the guessing is accurate and sometimes it is still off. For this holiday season, what are you thinking will be your strategy? In today’s digital environment, where marketing has taken […]

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How to Optimize Customer Service

Creating an exciting customer experience is essential for any thriving business. Even though many do not agree with the saying, ‘the customer is always right,’ few can deny the importance of customer satisfaction. If you want to build a business that lasts, you need customers that will keep coming back. Here is what you need […]

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