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A process of understanding and documenting all of the touch-points in the “Customer Journey”. It helps to establish through documentation, colaboration and discussion, the accountability of every person in the company to the customer experience for every touch-point that they influence directly or indirectly.

Touchpoint Measurement 101 Part I: Everyone’s Talking About It. Why’s It So Important?

Editor’s Note: For our “Touchpoint Measurement 101” series, we’ve tapped the knowledge of several customer experience experts, including Arcadio Roselli, CEO of Service Evaluation Concepts. Mr. Roselli’s company specializes in gathering and analyzing front-line business intelligence. His unique, technology-infused services (which include mystery shopping, call tracking, ad tracking, focus groups, and more) give companies the […]

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Retail Experience Optimization: A Must Have for the Holiday Season

We’re coming up on one of the most critical shopping seasons of the year, the holidays. According to Mobile Commerce their research shows you now work in an industry dominated by mobile devices where consumers are spending a larger portion of their time doing product review and analysis online. It’s easier and more convenient. But, […]

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Retail Point of Sale Optimization for the Holiday Season

Optimizing point of sale inventory, pricing, and timing for demand is tricky. Too often, business owners decide by intelligent guessing. After years of experience, sometimes the guessing is accurate and sometimes it is still off. For this holiday season, what are you thinking will be your strategy? In today’s digital environment, where marketing has taken […]

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