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Our solutions are custom tailored to fit your unique business needs, and to drive the key performance indicators that define your brand experience.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a powerful business tool to automate phone calls for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotion, accounts receivable collection, press-1 campaigns, phone surveys, and relaying vital information to your customers over the phone.   Complete control to schedule and manage broadcasts – With our self-service voice broadcasting system, you get complete control over […]

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In-Person Research

In-person qualitative research includes traditional focus groups, mini-groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews (IDI’s) and ethnographic research (shop-alongs, dine-alongs, in-home studies, etc.) In person qualitative research is ideal when input is needed from only select geographic areas or when there is a need to understand a sensory experience such as taste, touch or smell. Focus groups and […]

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Customer Feedback Surveys

Surveys offer the advantage of specific insights into consumer opinions, preferences, shopping habits, and loyalty. Surveys with appropriate samples are quantitative and predictable to larger populations. Surveys can also provide in-depth competitive strength and weakness comparisons. This analysis helps companies focus their marketing strategy in order to create a more profitable position. Finally, surveys allow […]

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