CEM – The Greatest Challenge

CEM – The Greatest Challenge

service evaluation CEM – The Greatest Challenge

CEM – The Greatest Challenge

Study Reveals 61% of Customer Experience Leaders Cite Customer Experience Management as Their Greatest Challenge


What are the greatest challenges you face in your discipline? If customer experience management tops your list, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by the Customer Management Exchange Network, 61% of the participating Chief Customer Officers, VPs and Directors of Customer Experience from across the UK, US and Europe report Customer Experience Management to be their greatest challenge.

The study was conducted to examine where the customer management market is headed and uncover businesses’ key focus areas this year. They are:

The study examined each of these challenge areas, and for your reference, we’ve outlined highlights from each of them below. Do you share these challenges? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Challenge: Customer Experience Management:

Survey respondents know that as customer demands grow, effective and robust CEM strategies must be in place in order to meet those demands. But many are unsure about to set those strategies in motion, expressing concerns such as:

  • “How do we develop an effective customer experience framework?”
  • “How do we listen to customers voices and prioritize this to develop and enhance customer experience management?”

Challenge: Cultural Change & Centricity:

This continues to be a challenge area for so many companies because it’s not as simple as integrating cultural change. Where the challenge lies is getting all business units to embrace the customer and align business strategies to move into a customer centric environment.

Respondents’ challenges voiced in this area included:

  • “How do we ensure the customer experience management activities are at the heart of all decision-making processes within the business?”
  • “How do we create an internal culture change around customer insight and experience, getting employee engagement and keeping it alive and ‘real’, especially for those in non‐customer facing roles?”

Challenge: Insight & Analytics

The volume of customer insight and data analytics has exploded with the emergence of many new channels. There are countless ways to engage with customers today. As a result, there has been a swift and dramatic rise in data. Turning this information into actionable intelligence is incredibly complex, so it’s no surprise that this resides near the top of the challenge list. Participants’ challenges in this area included:

  • “We don’t have a shortage of data, but how do we make sure we don’t get swamped with that and effectively find the key data?”
  • “What tools and techniques are there that will enhance turning insight into action?”

Challenge: Multichannel Integration

Integrating customer experience is integral to driving profits and brand reputation. Companies are eager to embrace all of the new and emerging communication channels and integrate them into their business plans. But, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to manage the accompanying touchpoints and keep their messaging consistent and on target. The engagement techniques that work in one channel may not work in another, and leaders need help answering the questions of:

  • “How do I achieve consistency of experience for customers across all touch points?”
  • “What’s the best way of implementing cross-channel integration and design of customer experience?”

Challenge: Online Customer Experience & Social Media

Technology and the increasing use of social media have had a significant effect on how companies communicate with customers. The challenges associated with online customer experience and social media are unique to each organization in each sector. The study revealed, however, that all companies seek to deliver a more holistic customer experience in these areas, to drive more profitable customer behaviors and to engage with the “millennial generation” across their preferred channels. Respondents’ challenges included:

  • “How do I make online chat a viable means of improving customer experience?”
  • “Can I engage clients effectively through the use of social media and online channels?”


Challenge: Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

No one challenges the notion that customer satisfaction and loyalty drive bottom line success, and that is why so much emphasis is placed on them. As competition increases, companies are working harder to meet and exceed growing customer expectations and want to know:

  • “What can we do to improve promoters, loyalty and brands advocates to recommend us to their friends and family?”
  • “We want to focus our attention on customer satisfaction. What are our next steps?”

#7 Challenge: Employee Engagement

For this challenge area, the study focused on motivation, training and development of employees. When it comes to investing in employees and providing them a firm understanding of the customer, respondents’ challenges included:

Respondents’ challenges included:

  • “How do we get employees to live and breathe the word ‘customer,’ and why should they do that?”
  • “What’s the most effective method for putting in place structured training and development programs across the entire organization?”

#1 Way to Address These Challenges:

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