SEC is a multi-disciplinary Customer Experience Research Studio.

We help brands to improve conversion, by measuring every touch point of the customer journey: On the phone, on the web and face to face.

We focus on the unique needs of the client, from industry to industry, applying our collective experience to each and every program we manage.

We consciously seek out companies who are leaders in their industry and who have a commitment to employee and customer satisfaction. We only consider projects where our skills and resources are aligned with the clearly defined objectives of the engagement. This is essential because our approach requires a true partnership with those we serve, so that SEC becomes an extension of their organization.

If the greatest asset of any business is their customers and employees, why is the Human metric not to be found on the Profit and Loss Statement?
If the greatest asset of any business is their customers and employees, why is the Human metric nowhere to be found on the Profit and Loss Statement?

Why Service Evaluation Concepts?

With over 30 years of experience we have built a unique concept that translates strategy into action and enable the assessment of:

  • Delivery of Customer Service
  • Compliance with Policy and Procedures
  • Communication of Service Strategy and Training
  • Level of Employee Alignment and Comprehension of Strategy
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitive Comparisons
  • Competitor Best Practices
  • Metrics for a Customer Experience Index (CEI)

Other reasons to choose Service Evaluation Concepts as your partner:

Our Dashboard

Our new graphical dashboard system utilizes a state-of-the-art, customizable interface to put the power of our reporting to work for you and your team.
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Our Process

Using our proprietary Enterprise Feedback Management System (EFMS) and a North American field force of over 250,000 Brand Agents (BA’s), we empower brands to ensure the frontline customer experience is aligned with the brand value proposition to maximize conversion.
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Our Client Support

SEC prides itself in allowing every client to get the maximum amount of time and energy possible from our staff.
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Our Brand Agents

Our single most important resource is our panel of over 650,000 para-professional research participants (Brand Agents) around the world.
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Our Reporting

SEC utilizes its own proprietary reporting system making it easy to accommodate requests for custom reporting.
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