Customer Intercept / Exit Interviews

Ever wonder why some customers leave without making a purchase? Not sure why they buy certain items but not others? At SEC we work with you to determine the questions that you need answered, and develop a customized customer exit/intercept program to reveal the answers. Our Certified Brand Agents can be deployed at locations nationwide to help determine the factors that make your customers buy.

Measure Customer Experiences

Capture the Voice of the Customer immediately and measure experiences as they happen. Whether your customers contact you through your Web site, contact center, in-store, or through your Customer Service team, you can use Web, IVR, SMS, telephone, paper or face-to-face surveys to understand the experience they had.

Take Action

If a customer reports a poor experience, you receive an alert so you can contact that client.
This enables you to resolve outstanding issues quickly, before the relationship is seriously damaged. Often, customers don’t believe that anyone reads their feedback, so getting back in touch immediately provides a strong customer experience in itself, generating higher satisfaction levels and great word of mouth.

Pinpoint Training Requirements

By linking feedback to specific interactions, you can pinpoint training requirements.
This reduces the need for blanket training programs and ensuring that employees feel that you’re focusing on their needs. Better trained staff are more able to resolve customer queries on the first contact, reducing costs associated with repeat calls.

Reward Your Best Staff

Use alerts and reporting to identify Customer Service Representatives doing a superior job.
It’s easy to pass on customer comments or reward employees who receive maximum customer satisfaction scores. This boosts morale and builds a positive competitive environment.

Create a Customer-Focused Culture

Sharing feedback helps front-line staff see the effects of their actions in real time. It also demonstrates to executives the relationship between the customer experience and the bottom line. SEC enables you to share data easily, and because it is live it becomes a compelling way to share your successes over time.

Not sure what you’re looking for?

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