Retail Point of Sale Optimization for the Holiday Season

Retail Point of Sale Optimization for the Holiday Season

service evaluation Retail Point of Sale Optimization for the Holiday Season

Optimizing point of sale inventory, pricing, and timing for demand is tricky. Too often, business owners decide by intelligent guessing. After years of experience, sometimes the guessing is accurate and sometimes it is still off. For this holiday season, what are you thinking will be your strategy?

In today’s digital environment, where marketing has taken off in many directions, retail optimization is more confusing than ever, with mobile marketing, desktop marketing, email marketing, analytics, etc. all into the mix of actual inventory control, vendor relationships to manage, fulfillment control, customer service and retail customer experience to think about. So when it comes down to the biggest season of all, the holiday season, the one thing to get right is the retail point of sale optimization. This is a catch-all phrase meaning basically:

  1. Make it easy to find products;
  2. Make it easy to buy (or to buy more products);
  3. Make sure the right brand impression is being made, regardless of purchase; and
  4. Make sure they come back.

Easy enough? Not really. These take a lot of decisions and attention to minutiae to get right. One way to take the confusion and guesswork out of Retail Point of Sale Optimization is to get feedback from your customers, point for point, how you are doing and how you can do better.

This kind of in depth analysis takes time on the customers’ side, but mostly on the business owner’s side. It takes analytical skills to come up with just the right questions, and then to process the answers, calibrated and in an easy to understand format. Most business owners don’t have enough time to think for days on something admittedly crucial–because they are thinking about all of the other afore-mentioned aspects.

The easy way to do get clear about retail point of sale optimization is really, to hire SEC. Contact us for how we can help optimize your retail point of sale just in time for the holiday season.