Return on Intelligence – The Most Powerful Business Metric

Return on Intelligence – The Most Powerful Business Metric


Return on Intelligence changes the landscape for any business. Here’s why.

It’s a common discussion in companies: What should we use to measure success? From business owners to the C-Suite to management and front-line professionals, businesses everywhere are looking for newer, better, more powerful ways to establish and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

At the same time, company leadership of brands all over the world is treading in big data, taking every measure possible to stay afloat in a sea of more information than most people know what to do with.

If you’re a business owner, you probably have felt the same way: grateful for access to new data, but potentially overwhelmed by the possibilities. You need tools that bring you better data, and better ways to use that data.

You need tools that make your business smarter.

You need Return on Intelligence.

What is Return on Intelligence?
Return on Intelligence is a business metric specifically determined by some of the most vital needs of a business, such as:

  • Delivering the promise of the brand
  • Optimizing overall customer experience
  • Establishing and strengthening customer loyalty
  • And most importantly, ensuring “conversion” that customers return to continually invest time in the product and ring the company cash register.

Return on Intelligence is essential because it encompasses these businesses activities. When you use methodologies that deliver Return on Intelligence, you create immediately actionable activities that contribute to the success of your brand.

When you compare this to other, potential, more standard KPIs such as revenue, profit, sales and cash flow, it’s easy to see the high octane results Return on Intelligence can deliver as the metric of your business. Return on Intelligence takes a bottom up view rather than a top down view of your most important needs and helps you capitalize in a way that builds value.

And by building that value, you put yourself in a position to dominate.

Return on Intelligence is relatively new as a holistic concept, but Return on Intelligence methodologies are tested and have been shown to deliver direct results for some of today’s top companies. SEC has used Return on Intelligence to rearrange disjointed elements of particular brands into well-oiled machines capable of advocating for customers, as well as transform those customers into brand evangelists, advocates who sell on behalf of the company.

Brand evangelism isn’t new; Apple Director Guy Kawasaki has been preaching the idea as a business method for more than two decades. But leveraging Return on Intelligence as a way to perfect customer perception to create MORE, STRONGER evangelists is a nearly unused resource (unless you count our clients) that can yield exponentially better results.

Take Apple, for example. Apple understands the importance of establishing customer loyalty as well as any company in the world. The better that Apple does at creating that customer loyalty, the better the company performs overall. And the better it can identify and measure loyalty, the better it will create that loyalty.

Leveraging Return on Intelligence can help Apple dominate its market better and longer than it could without it.

So when you want to measure the pure power of your business, count on Return on Intelligence to tell you where you are headed in relation to the market and your competitors.

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