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Human experience is critical to business. Companies spend millions on sales, marketing and training to bring their brand to life, often without insight into how effective any of it is. Service Evaluation Concepts is the solution. Our multi-national services help businesses to measure, analyze and refocus what they expect from their designed brand experiences.

What We Do Our Services


Data Backed Actionable Insights

Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) does research based on the premise that the most vital asset of any business is people. Our custom-built solutions let our partners inspect, measure and analyze their brands’ intended human experience as it is currently being delivered.

When your intended brand experience is not being delivered upon as expected, our rich data reveals ways it can be changed, including improvements that will increase satisfaction, build customer loyalty and drive conversions.

With over 35 years’ experience working with both well-established and emerging brands, our experts deliver programmes and insights that are entirely tailor-made to the unique challenges of our partners’ businesses.


Deploying Our Brand Agents

There’s no template for how we deploy our Agents. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to be flexible. We analyze, quantify and report on highly-specific, unique interactions in highly-specific, unique brands.

Mystery Shopping

Get insights into the strengths and shortcomings of your customer experience with our Mystery Shopping services. With over 600,000 brand agents worldwide, we can assess and improve any company’s CX, from startups to multinationals.

Compliance Auditing

Ensure your staff adhere to all laws and regulations that govern your operations, whether they’re legal restrictions or franchise guidelines. Our expert brand agents can even confirm that your interview process is free from any bias.

Employee Engagement Analysis

Staff are a business’s most valuable asset. With both overt and covert assessments, we can improve productivity and customer engagement by ensuring your workers are both engaged and satisfied.

Customer Intelligence Analysis

Ever wanted to know what your customers really think of your brand? With an array of tools at our command, we can find out how well your offerings, promotions and brand messaging resonate. And how you compare to your competitors.

Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition. With over 600,000 brand agents worldwide, we can keep you informed on the latest trends and tactics in your industry, and how you can position yourself to increase your market share.


Our Approach


Global Agents

Multinational deployment.

With over 600,000 Agents around the world, we can deploy across a variety of industries. We arm every Agent before deployment with an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ intended experience.

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Custom Programs

We measure what matters to you.

We build solutions that are specific to our partners’ designed customer experience and pain points. To do this, we pair more than 35 years’ experience in the field with knowledge of a partner's KPIs and financial metrics.

Real-time Insight

Insights that Matter

Custom analysis.

We provide partners with the insights they need to improve their key performance indicators that are tied to human interaction. We measure what matters most in a tailored and easily useable way.

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Looking for something more specific?

We build tailor-made programs for every brand we work with. Each one is customized to the expectations, policies, procedures and intended human experience of the brand. We go through this process for every company, no matter the industry, company size, verticals or revenue.

We supply the tools and framework to measure the factors that matter to your brand. There’s no-one-size-fits-all. Our experts help your business to measure human interaction that needs to be improved, monitored or just understood in greater depth.

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