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Understand how customers & staff interact with your brand

Companies across the world spend millions on brand development, marketing and training in order to bring a brand to life. Service Evaluation Concepts are specialists in providing feedback and insight into how effective these initiatives have been.

SEC mystery shopping services help multinational businesses to measure, analyze and optimize customer services, as well as employee engagement and overall brand experience. Our bespoke mystery shopping services help to drive customer experience improvement and ultimately – revenue growth, through customer experience optimization.

Secret shopper services

Global mystery shopping partners

Analyzing and reporting on what matters to your brand

Mystery Shopping   

Get insights into the strengths and shortcomings of your customer experience with our mystery shopping services. With over 600,000 secret shoppers worldwide, we can assess and improve any company’s CX, from startups to multinationals.

Compliance Audits   

Ensure your staff adhere to all laws and regulations that govern your operations, whether industry-specific legislation or franchise compliance auditing; our expert brand agents can even confirm that your interview process is free from bias, or if training best practices are observed.

Employee Engagement Evaluation   

Staff are a business’s most valuable asset. With both overt and covert mystery shopping assignments, we can improve productivity and customer engagement by ensuring your workers are both engaged and satisfied.

Customer Intelligence Research   

Ever wanted to know what your customers really think of your brand? With an array of tools at our command, we reveal how well your offerings, promotions and brand messaging resonate. And how you compare to your competitors.

Competitor Intelligence   

Stay ahead of the competition. With over 600,000 brand agents worldwide, we can keep you informed on the latest trends and tactics in your industry, and how you can position yourself to increase your market share.

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35 years of evaluation experience

Our custom-designed mystery shopping audits allow our partners compare their brands’ intended human experience to how it is actually delivered. With SEC's mystery shopper services, you see your brand as your customers do, and make changes to your strategy based on the actionable insights SEC provides.


Over the last 35 years we have delivered mystery shopping initiatives for some of the world's most recognizable brands, developing the experience and knowledge needed to handle even the most unusual mystery service evaluations.

Global Deployment

With mystery shoppers around the world, we can support even the largest multinationals with both overseas and local mystery shopping services. We give you access to over 600,000 mystery shoppers worldwide, so the demographics, culture and language of our brand agents is completely under your control.

Customizable Programs

We build service evaluation audits around your designed customer experience and pain points. To do this, we pair our knowledge from years in the field with an in-depth understanding of your KPIs and financial metrics. Whether it's auditing compliance, employee engagement, or just about any KPI you can imagine, we can design a program to match.

Reporting Tools

By outsourcing mystery shopping services you gain access to the wide range of powerful and versatile reporting tools we have at our command. These give you a real-time view of the qualitative and quantitative data our shoppers have gathered at your locations and can be customized to your specifications.

Deployment Scale

We have over 600,000 mystery shoppers of every demographic on our books, making even the largest programs for multinational corporations an easy process.

Computer Analysis

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