The Secrets to Retail Experience Optimization: How to Ensure a Happy Customer

The Secrets to Retail Experience Optimization: How to Ensure a Happy Customer


What do Amazon, USAA and Trader Joe’s have in common?

They all made it to the list of the top 10 companies, according to, that make their customers very happy.


By discovering the secrets to Retail Experience Optimization, and providing their customers with the very best customer experience.

The three basic rules of any successful business that aims to succeed through customer satisfaction are first, to draw customers in; second, to make money from customers; and third, to keep customers coming back for more. In order to accomplish this, successful business owners must put themselves into their customers’ shoes, and figure out exactly what it is that the customer wants…whether it is a product, a service or a bag of groceries.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, there are 6 steps to optimize the customer’s retail experience. These include:

1. Attentiveness: Paying attention to the customer from the moment of “greeting” to that of “departure.”

2. Recognition: Nothing makes a customer happier than to be recognized.

3. Personalization: Remembering what a customer wants without even being asked goes a long way toward achieving customer loyalty.

4. Consideration: Every customer appreciates being shown this.

5. Appreciation: Customers like to know their business is appreciated, whether appreciation is shown by thanking them, rewarding them or remembering them.

6. Delight: Every customer wants to be delighted by the product they spend their hard earned money on.

A little bit of customer appreciation goes a long way…and all 10 of the companies on‘s list know this. Aside from Amazon, USAA and Trader Joe’s, the other seven companies most recognized for creating happy customers are Lowe’s, Marriott, Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, Marshall’s, Sam’s Club and Costco. Most of them offer widely different products, but they all emphasize customer service, and they have earned their reputations by achieving the utmost in customer satisfaction.

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