The Simple Secrets of the Loyal Customer

The Simple Secrets of the Loyal Customer


As a business owner or even a general manager, the ideal customer is the one you see on a daily basis, i.e. the returning customer. Obviously because a returning customer is one who regularly spends his or her money, but also because these are the customers who can potentially get your business more attention than any invested advertisement.

Many business owners act as if there is some sort secret formula to getting long lasting customers when really there isn’t. Customer experience optimization is really all about one thing: the customer. Forget competitive prices, forget what the rival business across the street is doing, forget all of that. Focus on if your customer would be willing to casually return in the future. Here are just a few simple, yet effective, tips on earning the loyalty of your customers.

Your employees: As odd as it sounds, it all starts with the employees. They’re not to be treated as a dime a dozen, but treated as the vital and irreplaceable members of your business that they are. That’s very obvious to most business owners, but this is important for a few less obvious reasons. Your employee most likely has a life and a social circle of their very own outside of work and usually people like to bring up work during their leisure(as ironic as it sounds).

Basically, if your employee is unhappy with their job, then that’s going to get around, especially with how highly connected the world is today through social media. In a matter of mere seconds, friends, neighbors, and others can know if your employee hates his job or the company. The last thing any upstart business or corporate conglomerate wants is for bad press, no matter how small. It all comes down to treating your employees how you’d expect to be treated. That also means making changes in the company structure and policy from time to time and keeping it flexible.

Bonding with the customer: This is all on your trusted employees. While your employee should be trained to anticipate a customers needs or wants and react accordingly, they should also be encouraged to get to know the customer. “Oh, the usual?” that’s the phrase that will get most customers to keep coming back. They love being noted as a regular instead of being treated as just another sheep in the mill. While it’s nice to have a friendly relationship with your customers, employees and business owners should be reminded to still keep it professional and to also note social cues that give insight on the customers mood or comfort level.

Happy Customer: Customer Experience Optimization depends largely on this. The best part is, there are so many options. From radio ads to pop ups on the internet, the possibilities are nearly endless. But, a more direct approach usually works best, you know, something tangible to the customer. Pop ups can be blocked, radios can be changed to the next station, but your customer is more likely to respond to something actually in front of them.

Engage your customer regularly if you can, provide nice rewards and incentives for their opinion. Make them feel like a winner. Put a twist on the usual customer survey system by handing out rewards or discounts for a successful completion. That way, everyone wins.

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