Turning ordinary customers into Brand Promoters

Do you know what percentage of your customers would actually enthusiastically recommend your company to friends and family? This was the question SEC helped answer for one of our clients, a leading New York City Department Store.

The Challenge

The latest research into customer behavior suggests that all customers fall into one of three types: detractors, passives, and promoters. Measuring how many of your clients call into each group and identifying the behaviors that create enthusiastic brand promoters can have a huge effect on your bottom line.


To answer these questions, SEC developed a customized program using various methods to define the characteristics of a Brand Promoter customer.

  • Customized surveys using online and regular mail methodologies for the following:
  • Best Customers
  • Neutral customers
  • Lost customers
  • In-store customer intercept and exit interviews
  • Customized questions for customers who made a purchase vs. those that did not
  • Using iPad devices for immediate integration into custom reports
  • Customized Call Monitoring program to determine the responsiveness of customer service personnel
  • Traditional covert mystery shops at multiple locations


  • Identification of specific greeting time standards for staff
  • Improved standards for wait times at the register
  • Specific language standards to improve suggestive selling and increase average order size
  • Develop a custom knowledge transfer Certification that can be leveraged for use internally
  • Online reporting console for results side by side with other similar data from interventions
  • Communications Schema for organization to share knowledge
  • 13% increase in Brand Promoter customers over 6 month period

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