Word of Mouth only works if you Execute!

Word of Mouth only works if you Execute!


Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful process that has become even more compelling because of the customer empowerment provided by Social Media.

The consumer is being surveyed to death, it seems like everywhere you go someone wants to know your sentiments about service, your experience, your satisfaction with a product, about staff interaction and on and on. Of course it is important to glean what your customers think but it only matters when you have a plan that articulates the strategy and purpose of gathering this feedback in the first place.

What resonates is that brands are trying to drive Word of Mouth. A very popular metric in corporate America and in fact the free world is a methodology introduced by Fred Reichheld in his book “The Ultimate Question”. At the core this methodology assumes a genuine response to the question “Would you refer you friends and family to ….? The resulting metric is called Net Promoter Score (NPS). I think Mr. Reichheld has done a great service by simplifying a very important metric that speaks to the sentiment of the customer.

However what remains Non-Negotiable and at the core of everything is execution! If the product or service provided is not worthy, Word of Mouth works against you!

So the bottom line is to maximize ROI on advertising and promotion by validating that the designed customer experience supports your brand’s value proposition. This can only happen if and when every organization measure every customer touch point and the Key Performance Indicators in the customer’s journey with a brand. This is the be all end all, to ensuring a brand’s success.

SEC provides all the tools necessary from defining a customer Journey Mapping to measuring every touch point in the journey and centralizing the business intelligence onto one dashboard for a holistic view and accountability for every stakeholder in a company.