What Is A Brand Agent?

SEC’s Brand Agents (BA’s), typically known in the research industry as Mystery Shoppers, enhance a business’ ability to prevent the loss of impact resulting from customer experience. SEC enables any organization to inspect their front-line selling environment through the Eyes of the Customer. This core competency enables all of our clients to efficiently monitor, measure, and maintain expected standards of execution for service, training, compliance, integrity, and overall operations. Essentially you, as a SEC Brand Agent, will help hold the mirror to any organization and reflect the reality of the front-line customer interaction.

SEC’s approach is to categorize our Para-Professionals into two classifications, Brand Agents and Certified Brand Agents (CBA’s). A Brand Agent is a certified mystery shopper who is tested and certified to ensure they have a complete understanding of SEC policies and procedures and market research methodologies. A Certified Brand Agent is a BA who is tested and certified to ensure they have a complete understanding of a specific client engagement.

This two-part certification process is the cornerstone of the SEC business model. This process was developed to validate the skill set necessary to maintain this highest standard of execution. This non-negotiable standard mandates skill, reliability, and professionalism. The approach differentiates mystery shoppers and elevates them to the highest standard in the industry.

All applicants must read and comply with the material covered in this program and take a BA Certification Exam to demonstrate comprehension of these SEC standards of performance and market research methodologies. Upon successful completion of the certification exam, you will become a professional SEC Brand Agent and be given access to the BA Gallery, a self-serve environment which provides all the tools needed to become a CBA, the highest standard in mystery shopping.

Our website is specifically designed for CBAs. Benefits include, and are not limited to: