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Industry Specific Mystery Shopping

For over 35 years SEC industry specific mystery shopping services have helped optimize customer experience for businesses from every industry. We work closely with our clients to develop custom mystery shopping programs that meet their specific needs, no matter the market sector.

In this time we have developed industry specialization in providing mystery shopping services for Automotive, Retail, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Hospitality Industry companies.

Secret shopper services


Objective assessment services

Retail Mystery Shops  

Audit customer service, employee engagement and brand compliance, as well as product availability and promotional programs.

Restaurant Mystery Shopping   

We give you the recipe for success by assessing the experiences your staff provide, and ensuring they meet your every expectation, from single locations to global franchises.

Hotel Mystery Shopping  

Rest easy, knowing our comprehensive mystery shopping services can help you keep an eye on all facets of your guest experience.

Healthcare Mystery Shopping  

Our expert mystery shoppers can help you diagnose any issues with your healthcare practice's patient experience, from bedside manner to ethical treatment and HIPAA compliance.

Financial Services Mystery Shopping   

Increase customer loyalty and reduce compliance risks by ensuring your staff provide ethical sales practices and comply with all laws and regulations.

Automotive Industry Mystery Shopping  

Ensure your sales representatives are knowledgeable, professional, and ethical in their processes, enhancing customer experience and driving sales.

Ready to Understand

Our Six Step Process

Understand What You Want to Measure

We work with every partner to understand what matters to their brand, and create a tailored program based on their expectations, challenges and designed human experience. Our services are agnostic. We are experts in the process, not the decision making


We Offer Our Insights

Service Evaluation Concepts helps businesses to gain quality insights into the human dimension of their brands. We offer direct guidance through collaboration and consultation. Our insights are impartial, analytical and backed by evidence-based rigorous data intelligence.


We Arm Agents With Expected Experience

We educate our Agents with an understanding of our partners’ intended customer experience, then validate knowledge transfer. Armed with what they are looking to measure, they are able to effectively analyze and monitor partner expectations with what is actually happening on the ground.


We Deploy Certified Brand Agents

We match specific Agents in-line with our partners’ target demographics. By doing so, we ensure our insights are connected to an appropriate source, resulting in seamless, native deployment with actionable, relevant insights that matter.


Feedback & Reporting

Client programs are powered by an Enterprise Feedback Management System (EFMS) and our staff are experts in data analytics, reporting and the delivery of programmes, tailor-made to the unique challenges of our partners’ businesses.


Leverage the Data for Actionable Improvements

Our reports enable organizations to visualize how their current experience aligns with their expectations. These dynamic insights support business leaders in making more informed decisions on their processes, improving conversions, customer loyalty and employee engagement and satisfaction, all rooted in cause-and-effect linkage to financial KPIs.


Understand the Human Dimension of your Brand

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