Medical Services Audits

Diagnose your patient experience

SEC Healthcare Mystery Shopping Services have been helping healthcare organizations of all sizes improve their patient experience for decades.

Our expert healthcare and hospital mystery shoppers visit healthcare facilities incognito to evaluate a variety of criteria, before submitting a detailed report with their findings. Bespoke healthcare location audits can provide valuable insight into how your healthcare organization is performing from the patient’s perspective.

Medical Mystery Shopping

Healthcare Mystery Shopping Services

Specialist Medical Industry Auditing

Quality of Care

Posing as patients, our fully trained healthcare mystery shoppers can appraise the quality of care offered by your practice or facility, including accuracy of diagnoses and effectiveness of treatment.

Cleanliness of Facilities

Our hospital and healthcare mystery shopping specialists can keep an eye out for failings in cleanliness, that may be a concern for maintaining a sterile environment, as well as seeing whether disinfectants like hand sanitizer are provided.

Staff Knowledgeability

By asking questions about specific medical conditions, treatments, and procedures, SEC healthcare mystery shopping agents can assess the knowledgeability of staff and their ability to explain concepts clearly and with concision.


Our initiatives can evaluate whether staff listen carefully to patient concerns, communicate politely and respectfully, and answer questions thoroughly.

Operational Efficiency

We can measure KPIs around your operational efficiency, including how long it takes to schedule appointments, or see a healthcare provider, as well as the efficiency of billing.

Staff Ethics

Ensure your staff treat patients with respect and dignity, avoid conflicts of interest, and follow all applicable laws and regulations, such as HIPAA.


Healthcare Mystery Shopping Benefits

Patient Experience Auditing

Healthcare mystery shopping can be a valuable tool for hospitals and treatment centers to improve the quality of their care, reduce their risk of legal liability, and improve the patient experience. Here are some examples of how mystery shopping can be used to improve specific aspects of a healthcare service:

Ensure Patient-Centric Operations

By providing feedback on the patient experience from the patient's perspective, we can help your service identify areas for improvement, such as wait times, communication and care personalization.

Identify Service Gaps

By experiencing your service as a patient would, our shoppers can help identify service gaps that would otherwise be hard to spot, like staff who are not knowledgeable or helpful, or processes that are inefficient or confusing

Avoid Legal Risks

You can avoid legal risks by using our mystery shoppers to identify and address non-compliance with legal restrictions, such as HIPAA regulations, quality standards and other applicable laws and regulations.

Locate Operational Bottlenecks

Healthcare mystery shopping can help locate operational bottlenecks, like long wait times, or where there is confusion about the process for scheduling appointments or paying bills.


Brands we have worked with

Healthcare Industry Auditing


We work with you to identify the areas of your medical practices and processes you wish to optimize and the KPIs around them you wish to measure. Our insights are impartial, analytical and backed by evidence-based rigorous data intelligence.


Program Creation​

We create a tailored mystery shopping program that is bespoke to the requirements, expectations and intended experience of your practice. We offer direct guidance through collaboration and consultation.


Training Up​

Our mystery shoppers are pre-armed with in-depth information about your process and industry, then tested to verify they have absorbed it fully.



We deploy our fully-trained mystery shoppers to your facilities to measure your specified KPIs and record their findings. These agents will be specifically chosen to be in-line with your target demographics.​



Our shoppers can feed back on their findings through our proprietary reporting systems, allowing you to make necessary changes to address any issues identified.​


Measuring Changes​

Once your changes have been implemented and have taken effect, our shoppers can be redeployed to appraise how successful they've been and how well decisions at the executive level translate to improvements at the customer-facing level.​

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