Guest Experience Auditing

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SEC hotel mystery shopping services are custom designed to help hospitality businesses optimize guest experience, create brand advocacy and drive success.

Our undercover hotel audits can evaluate any facet of your guest experience, providing valuable feedback to help improve client retention & customer satisfaction.


Hotel Mystery Shopping Services

Elevate your experience to penthouse levels

Customer Service

Our hotel mystery shopping agents can evaluate all elements of your customer service, including ease of making and rearranging bookings, check-in and check-out, and generally assess guest experience.


SEC hotel performance assessments can be used to evaluate the cleanliness of rooms and facilities during everyday operations, as well as reporting on whether towels and linens are suitably clean and fresh.

Guest Experience Consistency

To evaluate the consistency of the customer experience across different locations, our hotel mystery shopping agents can be deployed to multiple hotels in the same chain. They can then compare their experiences at each and identify any areas where there is a difference in the quality of service or facilities.

State of Facilities

SEC hotel mystery shopping services can be used to assess the state of hotel facilities, like pools, saunas and gyms to ensure they are in good working condition.

Employee Engagement

We can provide you feedback on the engagement level of your staff to help you optimize guest satisfaction, giving your employees the support they need to go above and beyond when interacting with your guests.

Response to Feedback

By submitting feedback and monitoring how it is handled, our initiatives can analyze how effective your operations are at working to address customer concerns.


Hotel Mystery Shopping Benefits

Secret Shopping Services

By posing as customers and interacting with your staff incognito, our hotel service auditors can provide feedback that enables a range of benefits.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By using our services to identify and address areas where your operations are falling short, you create a more positive and enjoyable experience for guests, resulting in greatly improved customer satisfaction.

Greater Consistency Across Locations

By comparing the findings from mystery shoppers at different locations, you can implement corrective action plans and ensure that all locations or divisions provide a consistent standard of service.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Our secret hotel shoppers can help you identify and address inefficient or wasteful processes, enabling you to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Better Training Outcomes

The feedback from our mystery shops can be used to evaluate the knowledge and skills of your staff and improve the effectiveness of your training programs.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

We can provide feedback on the attitude and demeanor of staff, as well as their willingness to go the extra mile for guests. By using this to provide positive reinforcement and reward excellent performance, you can create a more positive and motivating work environment for your staff.

Brands We Have Worked With

Hospitality Industry Brand Audits


We work with you to identify the areas of your hospitality business and services you wish to optimize and the KPIs around them you wish to measure. Our insights are impartial, analytical and backed by evidence-based rigorous data intelligence.


Program Creation

We create a tailored hotel mystery shopping program that is bespoke to the requirements, expectations and intended experience of your brand. We offer direct guidance through collaboration and consultation.


Training Up​

Our mystery shoppers are pre-armed with in-depth information about your hotel and industry, then tested to verify they have absorbed it fully.​



We deploy our fully-trained mystery shoppers to your hotel to measure your specified KPIs and record their findings. These agents will be specifically chosen to be in-line with your target demographics.​



Our hospitality mystery shopping agents provide feedback through our proprietary reporting systems, allowing you to make necessary changes to address any issues identified.


Measuring Changes

Once your changes have been implemented and have taken effect, our shoppers can be redeployed to appraise how successful they've been and how well decisions at the executive level translate to improvements at the customer-facing level.​

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