Food & Beverage Auditing

Research: The Recipe for Success

From high-end independent eateries, to global fast-food chains and franchises: our restaurant mystery shopping services utilize decades of experience. We specialize in helping restaurants all around the world to improve customer experience and ensure compliance with both brand and legal standards.


Restaurant Mystery Shopping Expertise

Custom restraunt audits

Customer Service Evaluation

Our restaurant mystery shopping agents can audit service levels, food quality standards, or even health and safety in the workplace. Are diners greeted quickly and warmly? Are allergy requirements and personal preferences being heard? Is food delivered within an acceptable time frame and within SLA’s?

Brand Experience Alignment

With over 600,000 restaurant mystery shoppers worldwide, we can help you ensure that the experience provided in your restaurants is consistent across the entire operation - locally, nationally and even globally.

Legal Compliance

Food and beverage mystery shoppers can investigate whether staff ask for ID when serving alcohol and information on allergens is readily available, keeping your business safe from a legal standpoint.

Franchise Compliance

Restaurant mystery shopping auditors can evaluate franchises to ensure they are fully compliant with the terms and stipulations of their franchise agreement, protecting your brand identity.

Employee Engagement Evaluation

By interacting with your staff, both overtly and covertly, our restaurant mystery shoppers can gauge levels of engagement, allowing you to take appropriate steps to improve employee satisfaction.

Employee Knowledge

Do your front of house staff know their Merlot from their Malbec? Is allergen information available for all dishes? Has there been sufficient training for brand representatives to answer customer requests?

SEC custom restaurant evaluations ensure our secret F&B auditors ask the right questions in order to help restaurants gauge whether service levels and training programs are optimal.

Customer Intelligence Research

Find out exactly what your customers think of your brand. With surveys, exit interviews and online forums, we can provide you with an unfiltered view of how your audience thinks you could improve, and what areas of your service you can lean on for your advertising.


Restaurant Mystery Shopping Benefits

Customized F&B auditing

This feedback from SEC mystery diners can help you make informed decisions to improve customer experience, increase sales, and reduce costs.

Improved Service Quality

Our unbiased, impartial feedback enables you to make informed strategic changes to improve your service quality, backed by solid data.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Restaurant mystery shopping helps to optimize customer experience. This increased diner satisfaction promotes repeat business, driving both reputation and revenue.

Increased CX Consistency

If your brand has multiple locations, diners can seek it out in other cities or countries and know what experience they will receive.

Better Training Outcomes

Impartial insights from the perspective of an outside company can help identify areas where training materials can be revised or updated, resulting in improved outcomes.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

When employees know they are being evaluated and may be rewarded for delivering the expected brand experience, they are more likely to go the extra mile for your customers.

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Brands We Have Worked With

Food Service Industry Audits


We work with you to identify the areas of your restaurant and services you wish to optimize and the KPIs around them you wish to measure. Our insights are impartial, analytical and backed by evidence-based rigorous data intelligence.


Program Creation​

We create a tailored mystery dining program that is bespoke to the requirements, expectations and intended experience of your brand. We offer direct guidance through collaboration and consultation.​


Training Up​

Our mystery diners are pre-armed with in-depth information about your business and industry, then tested to verify they have absorbed it fully.



We deploy our fully-trained mystery shoppers to your business to measure your specified KPIs and record their findings. These agents will be specifically chosen to be in-line with your target demographics.​



Our diners can feed back on their findings through our proprietary reporting systems, allowing you to make necessary changes to address any issues identified.


Measuring Changes​

Once your changes have been implemented and have taken effect, our brand agents can be redeployed to appraise how successful they've been and how well decisions at the executive level translate to improvements at the customer-facing level.

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