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We believe that customer and employee sentiment are the most important assets of any business. The future success of your organization lies in the perspectives and everyday experiences of your employees and customers. At Service Evaluation Concepts, that is our passion: to elevate brand experiences, at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

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The passion that should drive every business is not to make a sale, but to create a customer.

Arcadio RoselliCEO & Founder


About Us

Service Evaluation Concepts provides powerful and effective customer experience optimization tools and resources to some of the best-known brands in the world.

Our unique and custom-tailored solutions help our clients to manage the customer and employee experience at every touchpoint. Our insights pinpoint actionable opportunities to increase satisfaction, build loyalty and improve the bottom line.

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Why Us?

Combining industry-leaders in the customer experience field with powerful analytics and multi-national coverage.

We have over 35 years experience serving companies from all industries, including: healthcare, manufacturing, banking, education, and more. We've helped companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 firms to local businesses seeking to deliver on their brand promise.

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Every brand faces unique challenges. We support you on your terms.

Businesses present us with their challenge and utilize our services as a route to overcoming that. Our tailor-made solutions analyze, quantify and report on highly specific, unique interactions in highly specific, unique businesses.


Our Story

Founded in 1987

Founded in 1987, Service Evaluation Concepts set out from humble beginnings - and a simple vision. Dissatisfied with the convoluted, flawed mystery shopping services available, founder Pat Lieboff saw a clear opportunity in the market. Established from his New York basement, Service Evaluation Concepts was born with a laser focus on helping brands to be better, improving conversion by measuring every touch point of the customer journey: over the phone, on the web and face-to-face.


The First Mystery Shopping Operatives

The journey started the following year, as the business issued its first mystery shopping Agents into Gimbels, a flagship store in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. Success quickly followed in 1990, sparking a number of fruitful client partnerships with the regional Bloomingdale, Jamesway, Caldor and Woolworth department stores.


A Foothold In the Market

But it wasn’t until 1991, that Service Evaluation Concepts truly secured a foothold in the market. The year brought monumental successes for the business, adding esteemed, world-renowned clients such as the entire Richemont Group and Cartier to the fold - the latter of which would blossom into a global partnership in 2000.


Exponential Expansion

By the early 2000s, Service Evaluation Concepts had exponentially grown, building a strong, reliable client base of global partners that were seeing continual improvement from their insights and analytics. Among these brands were iconic household names such as Estee Lauder, Kroger Supermarkets, General Motors, and Burberry Worldwide. The business also supported the formation of the International Mystery Shopping Alliance (IMSA). By 2005, this partnership was driving over 3 million mystery shops worldwide, contributing to successful net-new business with leading fashion brands: Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Panerai.


Continuing to Expand

The latter end of the 2000s saw the addition of LEGO to the business’ stable. Service Evaluation Concepts also collaborated with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to design, develop and originate audits for healthcare insurance marketing compliance. While the 2010s saw steady success, the business reached an impressive breakthrough with the acquisition of Frontline Focus International in 2019, as well as the expansion to overseas operations in Thailand in 2020.


Today's Presence

Today, Service Evaluation Concepts provides worldwide coverage with a local presence. Never compromising high-quality engagement standards, providing common technical and communications platforms for all projects easily being adaptable, whether ad hoc, one-off or ongoing. The result is a client-oriented, expert, and flexible solution worldwide, and easily adapted for each country. Service Evaluation Concepts already has a large panel of independent research participants [over 600,000], that are crowd-sourced demographically and conduct approximately 2 million+ annual visits (both covert and overt).

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Our Clients

Across our 35 years’ of experience, we’ve represented companies and brands of all sizes, across a variety of different industries, sectors and verticals. From Fortune 500 firms to burgeoning startups, our services have supported businesses seeking to deliver on their brand promise.

Our guidance, resources and tools have driven tangible ROIs for businesses across the globe. From banking and financial services to restaurants and fine dining; we apply a unique lens to every brand partner, generating meaningful results that make a genuine difference to their specific requirements and bottom-line.


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