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Our multi-national mystery shopping services help businesses measure, analyze and optimize brand experience. They can also optimize customer experience, increase employee engagement and measure any number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our mystery shopping service provides data-driven, ground-level performance feedback and helps raise the visibility of service development opportunities.

Mystery Shopping at SEC

Global Mystery Shopping

Customer Experience Evaluation

In-Person Mystery Shopping

We dispatch our brand agents to brick-and-mortar locations to interact directly with the customer-facing side of your business. These locations could be anything, from retail stores and restaurants to banks and medical centers. During a deployment, our secret shoppers have been armed with a thorough understanding of the intended customer experience and can discretely evaluate, quantify and measure, almost any aspect or KPI that drives important conversion metrics. They can report on staff interactions, product/service knowledge, or site cleanliness and hygiene.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Our telephone mystery shoppers can interact with customer-facing services provided over the phone. This could be customer care, complaints, pre-sales, or reference requests, among others. Brand agents may be tasked to evaluate the telephone manner of staff, their level of knowledge, or the omnichannel experience your business provides - whether your staff are able to quickly access and review the details of previous interactions, so callers aren’t subjected to a disjointed customer journey.

Online Mystery Shopping Services

E-commerce now accounts for 24% of all retail sales worldwide. Companies that fail to provide a positive online experience are already falling behind. Our online brand agents can help you gain a deeper understanding of the experience your customers receive when interacting with your business online. SEC's online mystery shoppers can evaluate elements such as ease of navigation and user interfaces on your website, the emails sent by your company - both promotional and personal - direct messaging, and the way your brand interacts with customers on social media.

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What SEC has to offer

Mystery Shopping

By deploying our mystery shoppers to your business, we provide data-driven insights to help optimize any area of your brand or operations.


With over 35 years providing bespoke mystery shopping services for some of the world's most recognizable brands, we have developed the experience and knowledge needed to handle even the most unusual assignments.

Global Deployment

With our global mystery shopper network, we can deploy across a variety of industries. We train every shopper before deployment with an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ intended experience.

Customizable Programs

We provide mystery shopper auditing which is unique to each client’s customer experience standards and can help give insight into known pain points. To do this, we pair our extensive experience in the field, with prior knowledge of a partner’s KPIs and service metrics.​

Reporting Tools

By outsourcing mystery shopping services to SEC, you gain access to the wide range of powerful and versatile reporting tools we have developed over decades of industry experience.

Deployment Scale

We have over 600,000 mystery shoppers of every demographic on our books, making even the largest programs for multinational corporations an easy process.

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