See Your Brand Through Your Customer’s Eyes

For over 35 years, our expert mystery shoppers (“Brand Agents”) have been dispatched into businesses around the world to rigorously evaluate the customer experience. The feedback collected has helped thousands of businesses to transform the experience they provide customers, generating more conversions and driving growth.

Mystery Shopping


A Fresh Perspective

The most important factor in getting where you want to go is knowing where you are. Each mystery shop gives you a snapshot of your brand from the perspective of a customer. They can measure any number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to give you a ground level view of how your strategies affect customer interactions.

If you are looking to understand more about Mystery Shopping read our guide to delivering on your brand promise. In this guide we provide a thorough view on what mystery shopping is and the benefits it can provide your business. Ultimately, boosting sales, improving customer and front-line employee experiences and growing your brand.


Our Mystery Shopping Services

In-Person Mystery Shopping

We dispatch our brand agents to brick-and-mortar locations to interact directly with the customer-facing side of your business. These locations could be anything, from retail stores and restaurants to banks and medical centers. During a deployment, our Brand Agents have been armed with a thorough understanding of the intended customer experience and thus can evaluate, quantify and measure, almost any aspect or KPI that drives important conversion metrics. They can report on staff interactions, product/service knowledge, or site cleanliness and hygiene.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Our brand agents can interact with customer-facing services provided over the phone. This could be customer care, complaints, pre-sales, or reference requests, among others. Brand agents may be tasked to evaluate the telephone manner of staff, their level of knowledge, or the omnichannel experience your business provides - whether your staff are able to quickly access and review the details of previous interactions, so callers aren’t subjected to a disjointed customer journey.

Online Mystery Shopping

E-commerce now accounts for 24% of all retail sales worldwide. Companies that fail to provide a positive online experience are already falling behind. Our brand agents can help you gain a deeper understanding of the experience your customers receive when interacting with your business online. They can evaluate elements such as ease of navigation and user interfaces on your website, the emails sent by your company - both promotional and personal - direct messaging, and the way your brand interacts with customers on social media.

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