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For over three decades we have helped brands ensure their locations and staff adhere to both legal and franchise standards. By deploying our brand agents as “undercover CEOs” to interact with your front line, you gain a clearer view into staff compliance during everyday operations.

Compliance Auditing


Fully-Armed to Assess Compliance

Our Certified Brand Agents are equipped with client-specific guidelines and tested to ensure their understanding. This enables them to assess your business's compliance with regulations effectively. They can help protect your operation from legal risks, ensure franchisees meet contractual obligations, and identify any breach in your brand standards - either cross-nationally or worldwide.

As part of a partnership with Service Evaluation Concepts, you can continuously reassess and mitigate all of these elements, and see the ongoing impact that your strategies have on improving compliance.


Our Compliance Auditing Services

Legal Compliance

Monitor the everyday actions of your staff. With the data provided by our mystery shopping initiatives you can avoid the fines and possible jail time associated with breaching legal regulations, identify areas of your training that can be revised to improve compliance, and create a point of competitive advantage over your business rivals. From gun laws to medical insurance and alcohol distribution, we stand ready to serve and protect your brand.

Franchise Compliance

By assessing the compliance of your franchise locations, you can strengthen your brand reputation by ensuring that your customer experience is universally consistent and reliable. This also ensures your brand is not at risk of breaching any legal obligations which may be detailed in the franchise agreement.

Interview Compliance

Ensure your interviewers are adhering to company guidelines and representing your brand positively when interacting with candidates. This can include verifying that they do not employ bias, either consciously or subconsciously.

We can deploy mystery shoppers of various demographic backgrounds with comparable resumés to assess whether ageism, sexism, ableism, racism or anti-LGBT discrimination play any part in your interviewers’ conduct or decision-making.

Mystery shoppers will take note of any behaviors, comments or actions that may indicate bias, as well as recording the response of the interviewer to questions in order to analyze consistency and fairness.

Over 600,000 brand agents from a diverse array of backgrounds, demographics, locations and cultures

Our certified brand agents are tested to verify their in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations governing each brand we work with.

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