Mystery compliance auditing

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SEC Compliance Auditing services help ensure brand representatives and locations adhere to corporate, legal and franchise compliance standards. 

By deploying fully-trained mystery shoppers to interact with your brand and staff, we can help evaluate service standards, monitor franchise compliance, conduct competitor analysis, or even measure employee engagement.

Each mystery compliance audit can be custom-designed, to help provide invaluable brand feedback and actionable customer experience data. Helping to optimize staff performance, improve customer service, or monitor brand compliance standards during everyday operations.


Compliance Auditing Services

Keeping you on the straight and narrow

Legal Compliance Analysis Services

SEC legal compliance services can help monitor the legality and regulatory adherence of brand representatives’ behavior. The data provided by our mystery compliance auditing can also help to protect against potential fines, or even jail time, associated with breaching legal regulations. Audit gun law compliance, or anything from medical insurance to alcohol distribution legislation, SEC stands ready to serve and protect your brand.

Franchise Compliance Auditing

Our compliance auditing for franchise locations can help strengthen brand reputation and ensure every customer experience is consistent and reliable. SEC mystery franchise audits can also monitor franchise agreement compliance and ensure brand standards are being upheld, anywhere in the world.

Interview Compliance

SEC interview compliance auditing is designed to help ensure interviewers adhere to company guidelines when interacting with candidates. This can include verifying that interview best practice and impartiality is being maintained. Our interview compliance audits deploy mystery shoppers of various demographic backgrounds, each with comparable resumés, to assess whether any form of discrimination or prejudice contaminates an interviewers’ questioning, conduct or decision-making.

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Compliance Auditing Benefits

Compliance Auditing

SEC compliance auditing helps ensure adherence to the regulations and guidelines that govern a brand’s operations. 

Prevent Legal Repercussions

Identify and address areas of non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations, helping to mitigate the risk of fines, lawsuits, and even criminal charges.

Protect Your Brand Image

Ensure all locations and staff behave ethically and adhere to brand guidelines, including following your code of conduct, providing accurate and truthful information to customers, and upselling/cross-selling in a fair and ethical manner.

Prove Due Diligence

Compliance auditing provides evidence that reasonable steps have been taken to prevent rule-breaking behavior in the event of legal or regulatory inquiries.

Improve Efficiency

identify and streamline processes, such as areas where your business's compliance procedures are unnecessarily complex or time-consuming.

Ensure Staff Compliance

By regularly conducting mystery compliance audits, you send a clear message to staff that compliance is a top priority. Additionally, compliance audit feedback can be used to develop targeted training programs that keep staff up-to-date on the latest compliance requirements.

Ensure Staff Compliance

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