Customer Intelligence Analysis

We can conduct multiple surveys of your customers across all channels in order to gauge their views on your brand, as well as those of your competitors. Alongside this, we can monitor and review calls and engagements to ensure your customer-facing staff are representing your brand in a way that is aligned with your designed customer experience.

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See it from Their Perspective

By receiving customer feedback and seeing how your brand is perceived, you can assess the consistency of your CX, the efficacy of your brand messaging, and gauge the impact of your marketing efforts.

Understanding how your customers view your business enables you to make informed decisions regarding product development, marketing campaigns, customer service enhancements, and expansion plans. This data-driven decision-making leads to more effective allocation of resources and increased business success.


Benefits of Customer Intelligence Analysis

Adjust Your CX

Seeing how the experience you provide is perceived by customers in your industry can help you make evidence-based decisions on how to tailor it to their expectations.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Customer feedback can provide meaningful insight into the areas where your brand falls short of customer expectations. These may be areas that previously were not considered a problem, as they had never appeared in complaints. This is especially important as 96% of customers will not complain. Instead, most of them will just leave and never return. Worse yet, today these customer “detractors” can easily share their bad experience across an array of social channels - and are encouraged to do so.

Create More Targeted Products or Services

If a specific pain point is regularly highlighted in feedback, this may be an opportunity for you to alter your existing offerings, or create new products/services, to capture this section of your potential market.

Over 600,000 brand agents worldwide, giving you a view of your industry on a global scale.

Our certified brand agents are tested to verify their in-depth knowledge of the expected brand experience before being deployed.

With over 35 years of experience, we are well versed in industry best practices and benchmarking.

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