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SEC customer intelligence services are designed to provide customer feedback and information on how brands or services are being perceived. We can help companies assess the consistency of customer experience, brand messaging, or to gauge the impact of marketing campaigns & promotions.

Understanding how customers interact with brands enables companies to make informed decisions. Whether it's product development, marketing campaign engagement, or simple customer service evaluation: SEC customer intelligence research can help to provide actionable data, to drive effective brand development, or optimize service levels.


Customer Intelligence research benefits

Improved Customer Understanding

SEC customer intelligence surveys evaluate how brand experience is perceived by customers across any industry. We can help drive evidence-based decisions on how to develop services, which exceed client expectations.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Internal and external customer feedback can provide meaningful insight into the areas where a brand may fall short of best practice, brand guidelines, or customer expectation. SEC mystery shopping can proactively help brands to identify previously unnoticed shortcomings, preventing damage to brand reputation, customer complaints, or even litigation. It is universally accepted that 96% of customers receiving poor service will not complain directly. Instead, most will simply never return. Worse yet, these customer “detractors” can easily share their bad experience across an array of social channels - we can help prevent these brand-damaging occurrences, before they've even taken place.

Create More Targeted Products or Services

If a specific pain point is regularly highlighted in feedback, this may be an opportunity for you to alter your existing offerings, or create new products/services, to capture this section of your potential market.

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How We Do It

Customer Intelligence Research

For all brands and businesses, providing customers with the best possible experience is a must. SEC customer intelligence research can provide valuable brand and service insight, which can be custom-designed to help optimize services and operations.

Questionnaires and Surveys

SEC mystery shopping agents can use questionnaires and surveys to collect quantitative and qualitative data about the customer experience, as well as demographics, satisfaction and specific CX elements.

Exit Interviews and Intercepts

We can conduct exit interviews and intercepts to understand what customers liked and disliked about their experience, and to identify any areas where a business can improve. If customers have left without purchasing an item we can help you learn why.

Online Reporting Portals

Our proprietary online reporting portals allow both mystery shoppers and customers to provide feedback on a variety of criteria, such as the customer service, product knowledge, and overall professionalism of your staff.

Phone Call Recording and Review

Our telephone mystery shoppers can review recorded phone calls with businesses, helping to assess the quality of customer service provided by call centers and brand representatives.

Customer Journey Mapping

With customer journey mapping we can help you identify and understand the different stages that customers go through when they interact with your business. This information can then be used to improve customer experience at each stage and streamline the journey.


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