Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Our brand agents can provide just as much insight into your competitors’ strategic positioning and operations as your own. This gives you an idea as to the areas in which your business lags behind, as well as where you excel in comparison to your rivals.

We can employ intercept surveys to assess how your competitors are perceived by customers, as well as how their customers view your brand. In addition, we can examine elements such as competitor offerings, pricing strategies and promotional offers to give you a deeper understanding of the market landscape and keep you ahead of emerging trends.

Competitor Analysis (


Know Your Rivals

With the feedback from our mystery shoppers’ investigations into your competitors, you can identify areas where your business is outmatched, as well as those in which you have the upper hand. This data can help to inform and validate your strategy, assist you in adapting and incorporating successful strategies derived from them, and enhance the training of your staff to improve their skills, while creating accountability for customer satisfaction.


Our Competitor Analysis Services


Understanding the state of the market for your industry and where you stand is crucial for informing your strategy moving forward. This can be used for creating realistic initiatives and goals, by identifying and measuring best practices and recognizing your brand’s unique selling points.

Customer Insights

Seeing how your competitors’ customers view both their business and yours can provide insight into the elements that are most important to consumers in your industry, not just your own customers. This can help you target your sales messaging and refine areas of your brand experience to increase your market share.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

By investigating your competitors’ offerings, you can pick up on developments that could further your business before they become commonplace within your industry. This doesn’t just prevent you from falling behind, but helps you remain ahead of the pack when it comes to providing the service your customers most desire.

With over 600,000 brand agents worldwide, we can provide you with information on the latest developments in your industry, no matter where they occur.

We organize over 2,000,000 mystery shopping visits annually (both covert and overt), so we can supply you with in-depth information on an unparalleled scale.

Our brand agents are well-versed on the specifics of your industry, and have their knowledge tested before they are cleared to undertake mystery shops for you.

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