Competitor Research Services

Know Your Rivals

SEC competitor analysis services can help identify potential development areas and provide data on where a rival brand may have the upper hand. Competitor research data can also help drive informed strategy development and enhance the training of staff.

Outsourcing competitor analysis to SEC enables brands to improve their market share and eclipse the competition.



Competitor Analysis Services


SEC competitor research helps companies to better understand their brand within its marketplace. Data-driven strategy development can be used to create realistic initiatives and goals, by identifying best practices and recognizing each brand’s unique selling points.

Customer Insights

Auditing how a competitors’ customers interact with their business provides insight into the elements that are most important to consumers in your industry. We provide custom competitor research, which can help to target sales messaging and develop brand experience.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

By investigating your competitors’ offerings, you can pick up on developments that could further your business before they become commonplace. This doesn’t just prevent you from falling behind, but helps you when it comes to providing the service your customers most desire.

Ready to Understand

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Mystery Competitor Analysis

Competitor Intelligence

By sending SEC mystery shoppers to visit your competitors incognito, you can gain valuable insights to develop strategy and services.

Value Proposition Insights

Competitor intelligence auditing can provide valuable insights into the value propositions offered by other companies, including the sales pitch process and collateral/materials that competitors are using.

Business Strategy Intel

Competitor analysis data can be used to inform strategic decisions about how best to dominate your marketplace. For example, identifying new marketing opportunities, developing new products or services, and improving pricing strategies.

Understand Positioning

By gaining understanding on how your competitors position themselves, you can develop strategies to capitalize on your own strengths and address their weaknesses.

Help Developing Products/Services

Insights into competitor offerings can inspire innovation and improvements in products, services marketing, branding, pricing strategies and more.

Objection Handling Intelligence

By understanding the common objections that your competitors face, you can develop more effective responses to these objections, helping you close more deals and increase sales.


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