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By interacting with the front line of your business, both overtly and covertly, our brand agents can monitor your staff’s engagement and satisfaction. The feedback generated from these interactions can help you make strategic changes to boost staff efficiency. In the process these changes can increase team productivity and incentivise individuals to go above and beyond when it comes to providing exceptional customer service.

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A Data-Driven Approach to Optimizing Performance

Our brand agents don’t have to be used in secret. We can interact openly with your front line staff to evaluate worker satisfaction, providing you feedback that can be used to improve training and create compensation schemes that drive both customer experience and employee retention.

The impact of the strategic changes on employee engagement and satisfaction can be continuously monitored to assess their effectiveness. By making employee engagement a priority, you are investing in the mental health and wellbeing of your company’s most important assets: its people. Something that will not go un-noticed by employees and customers.


Benefits of Improving Employee Engagement

Improved Customer Experience

An employee that feels seen, heard and respected is far more likely to show the same courtesy to your customers. This could be a friendlier greeting, a more personalized engagement with the customer, or deciding to go above and beyond to fulfill a request.

Increased Employee Retention

Employee turnover is considered a strong indicator of engagement and satisfaction, as unhappy staff are far more likely to seek employment elsewhere. By focusing on your employee engagement and satisfaction, you are indirectly improving retention, preserving institutional knowledge and cutting expenditure on recruiting, hiring and training replacements.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

Engaged and satisfied staff are much more inclined to apply extra effort both working with customers and other employees. This can result in a huge uptick in productivity. In fact, it’s estimated that companies with highly engaged workforces have 21% higher profitability and 17% higher productivity than those with disengaged employees.

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Our brand agents can operate covertly, and overtly - alongside your customer-facing staff - to better assess their satisfaction and engagement.

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