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SEC Employee Engagement Services don’t have to be used in secret. We can deploy agents to interact openly with front line staff, conducting employee surveys and reporting with detailed feedback. This valuable employee insight can be used to maintain best practice, improve training and drive both customer experience and employee retention.

We can also help monitor the effectiveness of policy and strategy changes that affect employee engagement levels, as well as develop new strategies to improve employee satisfaction and performance. By making employee engagement a priority, you are investing in the mental health and wellbeing of your company’s most important assets: its people. Something that will not go unnoticed by employees and customers alike.


Increased Employee Engagement Benefits

Go above and beyond for your customers

Improved Customer Experience

An employee that feels seen, heard and respected is far more likely to show the same courtesy to your customers. This could be a friendlier greeting, a more personalized engagement with customers, or deciding to go above and beyond to fulfill a request.

Increased Employee Retention

Employee turnover is considered a strong indicator of engagement and satisfaction, as unhappy staff are far more likely to seek employment elsewhere. By focusing on your employee engagement and satisfaction, you are indirectly improving retention, preserving institutional knowledge and cutting expenditure on recruiting, hiring and training replacements.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

Engaged and satisfied staff are much more inclined to apply extra effort both working with customers and other employees. This can result in a huge uptick in productivity. In fact, it’s estimated that companies with highly engaged workforces have 21% higher profitability and 17% higher productivity than those with disengaged employees.

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Employee Engagement Evaluation Uses

There are multiple ways in which we can see the level of engagement of your employees. Here is a small selection of the methods we can use.

Assessing Customer Interactions

Our mystery shoppers can interact with your frontline staff and gather impartial feedback on the experience your staff provide in their day-to-day operations. This can give you an insight into how staff behave when they are unaware they are being audited, and thus their true level of engagement.

Analyzing Compliance

Your staff's level of adherence to company policy during daily operations is a strong indicator of their level of engagement. If a member of staff goes above and beyond to follow brand guidelines when they are unaware they are being audited, that is a good sign that they have high engagement.

Gauging Employee Knowledge

Provided you have supplied them with appropriate materials and training, staff knowledge is strongly correlated with their engagement. Our mystery shoppers can be tasked with inquiring about specific services and products to assess how well-informed your employees are.

Employee Interviews and Surveys

Not all of our methods need to be covert. Our shoppers can use interviews and surveys to gain an uncensored view of how your staff truly feel when they have no fear of repercussions.

Feedback Loop Analysis

Mystery shopping initiatives are very rarely a one-and-done. With repeat visits, our shoppers can provide you data on the impact your decisions have made to staff engagement. This also gives you a view on how effectively your strategic changes are translated into improvements for your frontline staff.

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