Complaints light the way to better customer experience

You have likely heard the phrase “Let’s turn lemons into lemonade”, well complaints are the lemons and regardless of the brand you will experience this from time to time.  Mistakes happen in humanity everyday.  It’s how we react that matters most, because that is where opportunity lives.  Take a look at our “Value Creation through Customer Complaints“

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The customer journey map knows no borders: International mystery shopping ensures brand and service consistency across countries and cultures

Globalization. It’s proven an enormous boon for some of the most recognized names in corporate America – from Wal-Mart to General Electric, from Ford to McDonald’s. These U.S. firms and so many more like them have capitalized on rapid growth in emerging markets like China, India, Europe and Latin America, earning stronger profits than if […]

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Retail Point of Sale Optimization Starts With a Smile

Retail Point of Sale Optimization is as necessary a part of retail sales as the product or service itself; a big part of that is a big smile and a pleasant personality. The old saying “A smile goes a long way” is very true and it can make all the difference when it comes to […]

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