Company Overview

Herbalife’s aim is to improve nutrition and eating habits around the world with great-tasting, science-backed products. Their products can only be sourced from trained independent Herbalife Nutrition Distributors who give thorough and tailored guidance. This person-to-person, high-touch experience is crucial to their aim of improving the eating habits of people around the world. It is this personal touch that sets them apart from their competitors.

Herbalife Nutrition Case Study 1 Service Evaluation Concept
Herbalife Nutrition Case Study 2 Service Evaluation Concept

the Challenge they were looking to resolve

Herbalife Nutrition Distributors must reveal product details, as well as their own income, when discussing Herbalife products, or when income opportunities emerge. These product and income claims must be both lawful and truthful.

As such, Herbalife needed to feel confident that their Nutrition Distributors were being open and honest with their claims. On top of that, they wanted to be sure their Nutrition Distributors disclosed the details they were required to, when they discussed their products.

How did we support Herbalife in ensuring these claims were accurate?

SEC developed a mystery shopping program to find out if Herbalife Nutrition Distributors were giving accurate figures and disclosures to prospects and potential distributors.

Through the intel the Certified Brand Agents gathered, Herbalife Nutrition was able to find areas for further training. This training would include how to give truthful, clear product and income information, as well as the necessary disclosures.