Deploying An International Mystery Shopping
Program For LEGO

Company Overview

The LEGO® Brand is more than a familiar logo. It’s the carefully designed expectation of millions of people, both parents and children, from around the world. The LEGO group has an expectation of accountability to a guaranteed level of service, quality and imagination.

Lego Case Study 2 Service Evaluation Concept
Lego Case Study 2 Service Evaluation Concept

What Were LEGO looking To achieve?

Service Evaluation Concepts were commissioned to deploy an international mystery shopping program for LEGO® Certified Stores around the globe. The purpose of the mystery shopping program was to provide data for key stakeholders which supported them in making informed business decisions as to the level of compliance with the LEGO® designed brand experience.

Designed to help protect the brand, deliver a uniformed ‘look & feel” for brand stores, and ensure consistently high levels of customer service, the LEGO® designed brand experience is incredibly important to the key stakeholders within the business. As such, they wanted to measure, monitor and manage the alignment of the designed LEGO experience around the world.

How did we support LEGO in aligning their designed experience?

SEC sent a LEGO Certified Brand Agent to each LEGO Certified store worldwide. The Certified Brand Agent behaves as an ordinary LEGO shopper while anonymously evaluating non-negotiable standards and Key Performance Indicators that support the designed customer experience.

Mystery shopping results allowed the stores to identify areas for improvement to ensure a consistent customer experience worldwide.

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