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Human experience is critical to business; organizations spend millions on sales, marketing and training to bring their brand to life, often without the insights into its effectiveness. Service Evaluation Concepts is the solution. Our multi-national services support organizations in measuring, analyzing and refocusing what they expect from their designed brand experience.

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Our Services

Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) conducts research on the premise that the most important assets of any business are people. Our team are experts at gathering business intelligence related to the designed human experience. Providing powerful and effective tools and resources, our custom-built solutions enable our partners to inspect, measure and analyze the intended human experience of their brands, in line with their expectations across multiple channels, policies and geographical locations.

Our services support businesses in elevating the brand experience they create and share with their customers and employees. Backed by over 35 years’ of experience partnering with well-established and emerging organizations, our research provides actionable intelligence for brands looking to reinvigorate, reinvent or refocus the human dimension of their businesses.


Data-backed, actionable insights

Our rich data insights offer brands exclusive visibility into the human patterns that affect business performance. Delivering intelligence from any data source directly into a central, easy-to-understand database, our insights are driven by cause and effect linkage, enabling businesses to accurately measure their existing human experience for accountability against their expectations. We pinpoint actionable opportunities to improve and thus increase satisfaction, build loyalty and drive conversions.

Our partners programs are powered by an Enterprise Feedback Management System (EFMS). Our experts are specialists in data analytics, reporting and the continual delivery of highly actionable programmes and insights that are entirely tailor-made to the unique challenges of our partners’ businesses.

Data-backed, actionable insights Service Evaluation Concept


Our Approach


Applying Exceptional Agents

Multinational deployment. With over 600,000 Agents globally, they can effectively be deployed across a variety of industries, sectors and geographies. We arm every Agent with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ intended experience.

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We measure what matters to you. Combining 35+ years’ experience in the field with a partner's KPIs and financial metrics, we build tailor-made solutions that are specific to our partners’ designed customer experience and pain points.

Real-time Insight

Insights that Matter

Custom analysis. Consultative recommendations. We provide partners with the insights they need to improve the key performance indicators tied to human interaction. We measure what matters most in a specific, tailored and actionable way.


Deploying Our Brand Agents

There’s no one-size-fits-all to how we deploy our Agents. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to be flexible: analyzing, quantifying and reporting on highly specific, unique interactions in highly specific, unique brands.

Measure Customer Experience

See your business through your customers' eyes. Our data insights measure designed customer experience in line with what's happening on the ground.

Mystery Shopping

Professional Mystery Shopping is a tool (research method) used by companies to measure training compliance and the choreographed behaviors that drive service quality and compliance.

Policy and Procedure Alignment

Monitor compliance to protocol and legal procedures over regulated employee activities, highlighting control weakness and assuring that obligations are being met.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Reliably measure how engaged and satisfied employees are with insights that drive better employee loyalty and more informed decision-making across the board.

Interview Analysis

Understand how well prospective new hires are being screened in the designed interview process, in line with regulatory, ethical and moral standards or company obligations and mission.

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Looking for something more specific?

We build tailor-made programs for every brand we work with, entirely customized to their expectations, policies, procedures and intended human experience. No matter the industry, company size, verticals or revenue.

We supply the tools and framework to measure the factors that matter to your brand. We understand that there’s no-one-size-fits-all; our experts can support your business in measuring human interaction that needs to be improved, quantified, monitored or simply understood in greater depth.

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