Our Reporting

Our Reporting


Unlike other Market Research firms, SEC utilizes its own proprietary Enterprise Feedback Management and Reporting System. This means we are able to easily centralize intelligence from all touch points that impact customer experience. The cornerstone of our success depends on providing our clients with actionable intelligence, so we continually refine client reports to meet their needs. SEC also offers tools that allows clients to create their own custom reports from data presented on an existing report.

All personnel designated by the client can access the client’s data contained in the SEC Report Gallery. Such personnel can log in directly on SEC’s homepage with a unique username and password. SEC also allows for user specific access to custom report settings, meaning specific users can only have access to specific reports or specific levels of the organizational data as defined by the client’s needs.

All reports can be easily downloaded into Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF. SEC also has the ability to export all data upon client request for a defined period into CSV, Excel or any XML Schema.

Evaluation Reports

These reports allow the client to see all of the individual evaluation reports for the specified criteria. Each Report includes color coding for targeting performance, summaries with links to the specific area of the questionnaire, Shop Date, Shop Time, Location and agent information as well as optional timeline graphs.  You can even suppress parts of questionnaire based on the credentials of the person that logs on to view a report.

Entry Level Reports

These reports allow the client to see a summary of all of the evaluations that have been completed for a specific location, for a specified time period. The client can then drill down to the detailed data for each individual shop. All scores are color coded for ease in pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.

Form Definition Reports

This reports allows an end-user to see the specified questionnaire design framework, including the questions, responses, qualifiers, scoring point values, etc

Question Response Summary Reports

Allows the client to view the incidence of each answer to every question by the organizational level the client has defined. It presents the Reasons for Answers (RFA‘s) or Qualifiers so the client can understand the reasoning to the response. The Qualifiers allow the Certified Brand Agent to provide clarification for their responses or reasons for their answers. This makes identifying behaviors and opportunities for improvement easier. It elevates the a Report into a very actionable intelligence.

Target Level Reports

These reports allow the client to compare the summarized metrics for evaluations that have been completed for all of the locations in the organization for a given time period. The client can then drill down to the list of entries (target reports) for each location and from there can obtain the detailed results for every individual evaluation. All scores are color coded for ease in pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.

Organizational Level Reports

These reports allow the client to see the summarized metrics for all of the evaluations that have been completed. The Metrics are presented for each level of the client‘s organization (i.e. Regions, Districts, Zones, Areas) for a specified time period. The client can start out at the highest level of its organization structure and drill down to find the specific data needed for a given part of its organization. The client also have options to output all of its Metric data into a single document so that the client can easily print or email the entire set of Metrics without the need to drill down through the data. All scores are color coded for ease in pinpointing areas of strength and weakness.

SEC reports are available to the client in ―real time on an ongoing basis. Once an evaluation report is entered into SEC‘s system by the Certified Brand Agent (CBA) (within 24 hours of the interaction) and passes SEC‘s Quality Assurance review (within 72 business hours of the interaction), the report is immediately available on the web. The emailed report will be received the following morning.


A Proprietary tool that allows clients to create their own custom report from the data presented on an existing report. Clients are empowered to create a PDF file of the report, export the data to Excel or save the report.  This begins by selecting the required fields directly from within the report with a click of the mouse and defining the desired output.


In addition, reports can have custom conditional business rules included for intelligent distribution instructions. If the pattern or condition (i.e. if a particular question on the report is answered a specific way) is satisfied, the report is immediately attached to an email and sent to the appropriate person to be notified for immediate action. Alerts can be defined so that one questionnaire has multiple recipients of the alert and can also have more than one alert defined.

Media Support

This application allows Certified Business Analysts (CBA) to upload an image such as a picture, business card, audio or visual recording or document onto their evaluation form and in turn provide this information to you on the individual Audit Report.

SEC Client Resolution Board

SEC has in place a most effective communication tool which inures to the benefit of client personnel and SEC staff alike in that, exchanges of communications involving issues requiring clarification, dispute resolution, action planning, schedule revisions, shop cancellations, etc. can be transmitted by and from either side to the other and acted upon speedily. The nature of the communicative exchanges can be categorized and, as such, are memorialized for future reference as to expression of the issue, the response to that expression and the timeframe in which the issue was brought to conclusion. Clients are given access to the Resolution Board in much the same manner that they are given access to the Report Gallery, facilitating the management of tasks and the viewing of the status of tasks with ease and at a glance.

New – Analytics Dashboard for a Competitive Edge.

Gathering feedback is only the start. To build strong Return on Investment from your customer experience and employee feedback programs, you must be able to analyze, share, and act on feedback quickly and easily. SEC’s online dashboard (in development) will offer the ultimate platform to analyze data, create reports, and share insight. Completely customizable, views of customer attitudes, behaviors, and market conditions enable more effective decision making and deliver a higher return on your inbtelligence investment.

  • Color-coding to indicate performance
  • Graphic dashboard style reports
  • Customizable views
  • Summary, trend, and per-evaluation
  • Balanced Scorecard/Net Promoter Score
  • Comparisons to pre-determined KPI’s
  • Multi-level security permissions
  • Scorecards by location, region or district
  • Survey and question reports
  • Demographic reports
  • Manager performance reports
  • Customizable data fields
  • Drill down to actual answers
  • Viewable on smart phones
  • Compatible with Excel, Word, PDF and
  • Powerpoint formats